All About Script Supervising and Continuity

Script Supervisors keep a written account of what's shot on a film or video set. An organized account of what was shot and where to find it can save hours of an editor's frustration. By eliminating only one hour of fruitless searching, a script supervisor more than earns their day rate. They also keep track of the myriad details that can go astray when you film continuous action in bits and pieces. A good script supervisor can save the production time, wasted effort and money by preventing reshoots, and they help everyone look more professional by ensuring all the continuity details remain consistent. Don't think you can't afford to hire one; you cannot afford NOT to.

All About Eve

Eve Butterly was handed a legal pad during an internship at a video production company in 1987 and told to "take notes." Since then, she's progressed to supervising for feature films, television, commercials, industrials, corporate communications and video for web. Eve also has extensive experience in producing and production management, and script breakdowns (budgeting, scheduling and script timing) using Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling.

Eve lives and works in Dallas, Texas. She is capable of script supervising 'old school' with pencil and paper, or digitally. Eve speaks fluent French and works well with multiple cameras, green screen, HD and second units.

Please contact her for rates and availability.